Subdivision is the most advanced svn history manipulation tool on the market.

Split svn repository in two parts. Permanently delete files from svn history. Extract files into a new svn repository.

All done via an easy to use graphical interface.

Subdivision is the right tool for...

Deleting (obliterating) accidentally added sensitive files from the repository’s history
Splitting your repository in two parts when organizational changes demand it
Extracting files into a new repository when permanently forking a project
Reducing the size of a repository by deleting old or unnecessary files



Split your svn repository in two parts

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Delete files and folders from the repository

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Extract files from your svn repository

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Subdivision is the safest way to modify your svn repository. Sophisticated algorithms analyze your selections and create derived selections in real time. This means that you can see exactly which files are staying and which are going from the resulting repository. What you see is actually what you get! And of course the original source repository or dump file is never modified making it extremely safe to use on your critical data.


Subdivision is the fastest way to modify your svn respository. Since Subdivision can operate directly on the server files, there is no need to dump your repository in order to process it with svndumpfilter. The Subdivision algorithms will sanitize your selections in order to avoid all svndumpfilter errors such as missing copy sources, missing merge sources resulting in the modification operation succeeding the first time round!


Subdivision is the easiest way to modify your svn repository. All operations take place through an easy to use graphical interface. There is no need for complicated command line tools. You simply let Subdivision read the structure of the repository or dump file. You then select which files to delete or extract. Getting the resulting repository or dump file is as easy as clicking the process button and watching the magic happen.

What our customers say…

Over the years a SVN repository had grown from small to huge. A lot of moves and deletions of branches had occurred. Finally it reached a size of almost 300GB. Starting from scratch with a new repository was not an option as we then would lose the history. So we tried to split out different branches with standard SVN tools – a nightmare, and just impossible to handle. Then searching for a better tool we found Subdivision! When knowing how frustrating the splitting process is when done by hand, you really get to appreciate this tool. We split several repositories and it worked flawlessly. When we needed help, Subdivision’s  assistance and support was top notch. They answer quicker than Lucky Luke handles his gun. Subdivision is well worth its money!
Lorenz Malmströ
My company had a client who needed some of their data permanently deleted from one of our SVN repositories. Since there isn’t a way to do this natively within SVN, we had to find a third-party solution to help us meet this need. Subdivision ended up being the perfect solution for our dilemma. During the process, we had to come up with some creative workarounds for some data corruption in the repo that we were unaware of before we started this process. Subdivision’s support was absolutely stellar, helping us every step of the way! We couldn’t have asked for better support!

I cannot recommend Subdivision highly enough! It’s easy to use, and their support is outstanding!

Subdivision took just 12 minutes to extract the project out of our 40,000+ revision, 50GB SVN repository – many times faster and easier than any other method – thanks!
Thank you for your help yesterday.  Everything is working fine.  The engineer using the software likes it very much and it is doing exactly what we need it to do. Having tried SNV DUMP, SVNDUMPFILTER, and SVN LOAD to do only simple tasks and the more difficult scope of what we are trying to do now, I am very happy that we have a tool that works.  This tool will pay for itself many times over.
We bought the tool for obliterating data on a very big repo (+450G dump file). The tool did the job nicely!

As part of this task, we faced some SVN related technical problems. I contacted Subdivision tech support and got excellent support from them. They went beyond their responsibilities and helped me debug the problem, gave suggestions, and supported me with tasks that they don’t have to  – but did it because they are providing excellent support.

I would greatly recommend this tool and the company behind it to the SVN community for their excellent technical support service, and great software they produced.

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